What to do if your cellphone gets water damage

True tech water damage
May 26, 2022

Water damage may be frustrating and expensive. Small amounts of water might destroy your phone. If your phone gets wet, act fast to prevent further harm.

Turn off your phone first. This prevents additional damage and shorting out internal components.

Next, remove phone cases. This will enable you access the interior components and prevent moisture damage.

Try to remove as much water from your phone once it’s open. Soft cloth or cotton swab can be used. Be delicate; too much force could cause damage.

After removing water, place your phone in uncooked rice. Rice absorbs residual moisture, preventing additional harm. If possible, leave your phone in rice for 24 hours.

After 24 hours in rice, you can test your phone’s functionality. If so, you may have saved your water-damaged phone. Your phone may not work as well as before the incident due to residual damage.

In severe circumstances, water damage may require replacing your phone. This may be covered under warranty. If not, pay for the repair or replacement yourself.

When using your phone near water, be careful. Keep it in a case and away from pools, bathtubs, and other water sources. If your phone gets wet, attempt to minimize further damage and get at a professional. Contact True Tech Cell Phone repair in El Paso and we will help you